The Academy -  Frequently Asked Questions

I would like for my child to be part of The Academy! How does it work?

Any high school student who would like to participate can sign up online! Sign-ups for the spring run from December 2nd to mid-January. Sign-ups for the fall run from August 1st to mid-September.


How many classes can my student take at once with The Academy of LVA?

Students can take as many classes as their schedule will allow. The majority of our students take one class each semester, but many take two, and a few have even taken three!


What are the benefits of the The Academy program?

100% of our graduating seniors in 2014, 2015, and 2016 were offered scholarships or financial aid when applying to universities around the country.  When preparing the curriculum for the Academy, LVA looked at the National Core Art Standards, and also had conversations with the top art universities around the country to ensure our academy students would exceed their expectations. When asked what they were looking for in applicants, their answer was consistent across the board: "We want students who go beyond exhibiting technical skill and talent. Applicants should have both a style and voice unifying their work and should be able to discuss their work conceptually." By completing junior and senior level classes with The Academy, students should be a top choice candidate for universities and arts schools around the country.


When do Academy classes start? How long is a semester?

The spring semester starts mid-January and the fall semester starts mid-September. Classes run for 10 weeks each semester, meeting for two hours each week.


How much does it cost to participate in The Academy?

Each class is $300 per semester for The Academy. We offer sliding scale scholarships for those who display financial need — an application form can be requested from


I just realized my student can’t participate this semester. Can I have tuition reimbursed?

We are disappointed your child won’t be able to participate in The Academy this semester. We are not able to give refunds once the semester has started, as other students can no longer take their place in the class and supplies have already been ordered. All withdrawal requests must be sent to


Reimbursements for withdrawals will go by the following schedule:

  • Cancellations received on or before 4 weeks before the start of the semester - refunded 90%

  • Cancellations received on or before 3 weeks before the start of the semester - refunded 75%

  • Cancellations received on or before 2 weeks before the start of the semester - refunded 50%

  • Cancellations received on or before 1 week before the start of the semester - refunded 25%

  • Cancellations received on or after 24 hours before the start of the semester - refunded 0%


I just realized my student has a scheduling conflict. Can my child switch classes?

If it is 24 hours before the semester starts AND the class you would like to switch into has a spot open, we can accommodate your request. If the semester has already started, we can no longer transfer students.


I wasn’t able to get into my preferred class! What now?!

Shucks! We hate that students can’t always get their preferred class. Join the waitlist and we’ll let you know if anything opens up. The sooner you sign up, the more likely it is that you’ll get your preferred class.


When does registration start?

Sign-ups for the fall semester open on August 1st at 9:00am, and for the spring semester on December 2nd at 9:00am. Log in quickly to secure your preferred class.


Tell me a bit about the exhibition, please!

Each year, Louisville Visual Art hosts a gallery exhibit of the work from The Academy of LVA in the late spring/early summer. Each student has work on display, providing them a chance to see their work in an exhibition and to share that experience with their families. Students have the option to sell their own artwork, with 80% of all sales going directly back to the student artist and 20% going back to LVA to help provide scholarships for future students. Students can also list their work as NFS (not for sale.)


I hear my student could win a scholarship at the exhibition?

During the opening reception of the exhibition, LVA honors our graduating students with the Senior Night Awards Ceremony. Each year, one outstanding Senior will receive the LVA Vision Award — including a $500 scholarship. Students will be recognized for the levels of classes they have completed in the program, and Community Awards will be presented.


Still have questions?

Annette Cable, 502-584-8166