Louisville Visual Art has been improving lives through visual art education, community outreach, and artist support since 1909.

As a creative hub now established in the Portland neighborhood, LVA is dedicated to encouraging artists through programming such as Children’s Fine Art Classes, MAP, Artebella, Open Studio Weekend, outreach programs and weekly calls for artists.

LVA is shaping the next generation of creative leaders by providing quality instruction to 1,000+ students annually through Children's Fine Art Classes and outreach programs in schools and community centers. LVA aims to engage, inspire, and improve our region through art.    

LVA is committed to fulfilling the objectives outlined in the Imagine Greater Louisville 2020 Cultural Plan. To support a full creative life for all, LVA with the Imagine Greater Louisville Steering Committee commits to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive and equitable society where people from every segment of our community have access and opportunity to learn, work, and play.

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LVA Staff

Lindy Casebier, Executive Director

Glenn Barber, Finance Director

Annette Cable, Education Director

Amy Chase, Creative Design Director

Katy Delahanty, Outreach Director

Keith Waits, Facility & Gallery Director

Grant Johnson, Marketing and Communications Director


LVA Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Marti Kuehn - President
Susan Hallenberg - Vice-President
Prewitt Lane - Treasurer
Lisa Huber - Secretary
Porter Watkins

Deidre Alphenaar
Lynn Dunbar Bayus
Kellie Davis Beckmann
Wilma Bethel
Laury Christensen
Beverly Cote
Channing Cox
Andrew Cozzens
Hannah Drake
Logan Gholson
Meredith Cunningham Harber
Kathy Hillerich
Stewart Hoertz
Andrew Phelps
Caroline Pike
Andrew Preston
Colin Stouffer
Jake Theisen
Amy Wagner


Advisory Board
Elmer Lucille Allen
John Begley
Marcia Boone
Gordon Brown
John Clark
Louise Epperson
Kay Grubola
Jim Grubola
Bob Hallenberg
Ed Hamilton
Judy Hanekamp
Mo McKnight Howe
Althea Jackson
Melanie Lykins
Peter Morrin
Jacque Parsley
Robert Solinger
Craig Scherman
Bruce Simpson
Gail Zeh