Trish Korte began teaching for CFAC in the Fall of 2016. Trish holds a Masters in Creative Arts and a Masters in Art Education from the University of Louisville, KY. Trish is an exhibiting artist as well as a full time visual arts educator. She currently is employed at New Albany High School where she teaches Advanced Placement (college dual/credit classes) in Studio and Art History as well as advanced drawing and ceramics. Trish was awarded the 2011 Art Education Association of Indiana “SecondaryArt Teacher of the Year” Whether fabric or paper, Trish’s work in collage and assemblage incorporate printing, wax, and repurposed materials. Color, pattern ,and whimsy are prevalent in her work which materialize in both two dimensional and sculptural forms.

What do you hope your students take away from your class?

I hope my students grow in technical ability, self-confidence and a personal connection to their art. But most of all, I hope my students take away, an excitement and joy that comes from creating magic.

What is your favorite thing to teach and why?

I love to teach everything, so my favorite subject is Fiber Arts. I love the tradition and culture that Fiber Arts hold and the limitless techniques it incorporates. We draw, paint, print, and collage to create complex under paintings for whatever subject is stitched or painted on the surface.