The Future Is Now

Deadline: April 29, at 11:59PM

The Future Is Now is a mentorship program that matches high school students with professional local artists in Louisville, Kentucky. We are excited to to continue our partnership with KyCAD!

Applications are now open. Deadline: April 29, at 11:59PM

Over the course of this program, each student/mentor team works towards creating individual and collaborative pieces for an exhibition showcasing their work.

Along the way, program facilitators from Louisville Visual Art and KyCAD work with artist mentors to teach the students new artistic processes, portfolio building, how to get the most out of a critique of their work, how to give meaningful critiques of their peers' work, exhibition design, installation, marketing, and what it takes to be a professional artist.

The program culminates in the gallery, where students experience curatorial practices by participating in exhibition layout and installation of artwork. They also help with promoting and hosting the opening reception.