Sign Up to Volunteer with LVA Summer Camps!

We are now accepting sign ups for summer camp volunteers for 2018. This is a great chance to get teaching experience, volunteer hours, and makes for a great line on a resume! Classes are held at the Holy Trinity Clifton Campus (formerly the Clifton Center), Yew Dell Botanical Gardens and Waterfront Park. Volunteers can learn about the different camps LVA will be offering online here.

We offer camps to students aged 7-10 and would like these volunteers to start at age 15.
Our older camps are aged 7-12 and 11-14 years, we would like these volunteers to start at age 16.

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Volunteer responsibilities include:

Summer camp volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Commit to a full (half day) week to build relationships with staff and campers
  • Offer support & assistance to camp attendees on their various projects (i.e. helping younger campers use glue guns and other tools, etc.)
  • Being an energetic leader and a positive role model!
  • Support summer camp coordinator/instructors in set-up, clean-up and maintaining a tidy classroom