School’s Out=Art’s In is a partnership between the Fund for the Arts cultural partners and Metro Louisville Community Centers, sponsored by UPS. The goal of School’s Out=Art’s In is to make the arts accessible to children across Jefferson County by providing programming in summer camps at the 19 community centers administered by Louisville Metro Parks. Every summer, community centers program a variety of programs for neighborhood children; however, few have had the funds to engage artists or organizations to provide arts camps. Through School’s Out=Art’s In, the Fund for the Arts will make grants to community centers for arts programming that suits their needs and interests.

Our Summer 2014 Programming in collaboration with Walden Theatre and Kentucky Shakespeare.

Shelby Park Community Center:

We were blessed with five-to-eight-year-olds, excited to show off, share, fix and experience their Louisville. Taking the lead from the children’s play, which they wrote, and the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, we created happy places in Louisville, beautiful nature in Louisville, helping hands to Louisvilians in need, our beautiful Ohio River, and of course, dinosaurs. We collaged these elements together, sang, danced, yelled, colored, cut and pasted and made OUR LOUISVILLE!


This banner was created by a group of teenagers from Parkhill Community Center using re-purposed/recycled materials. During discussions about our Louisville community, the students expressed concern over litter, trash and a lack of respect for their neighborhood. They all agreed it was their responsibility to clean up and take care of their community. The image of the phoenix rising from a pile of debris represents the hope and change that is possible when we take pride in ourselves and our community.


This artwork was created with several groups of kids, ages 6-13, from Southwick Community Center. The themes and imagery were developed alongside the creation of Walden Theatre's performance. The piece depicts the kids' ideas of a past, present and future Louisville as we rise from the shadows of the past into a hopeful present - and then blast off to a positive future where anything is possible.