“It’s amazing how a simple digital camera can take amazing pictures. It reminds me of me — a simple girl in an area not so well known for greatness can be so intelligent and great with a camera! I discovered a talent I didn’t know I had.”

-  Kyra Welch, Picture Love participant

Picture Love is a partnership between Louisville Metro and LVA that teaches the art and skill of photography. The resulting images capture a meaningful moment in each participant’s personal history while painting a larger picture of Louisville as a whole.

Each summer since 2013, Picture Love has provided an opportunity for students at Louisville Metro Community Centers with opportunities to learn photography basics by exploring image-making throughout the years! Students begin the summer creating cyanotypes (one of the oldest forms of photography, dating back to 1842!) and move on to use disposable film cameras, Polaroid cameras, and finally digital cameras.

Students discover talents they didn't know they had, gain confidence, learn to collaborate with classmates, and develop their own creative voice. The project culminates in an exhibition and a publication of their work. 

View Picture Love books here.

OPEN DOORS facilitating artists: Carrie Burr, Sarah Davis, Collin Lloyd


See the images created during Picture Love 2013 & 2014 here.