Open Studio Weekend: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Studio Weekend?
Open Studio Weekend is an event organized by Louisville Visual Art and the University of Louisville's Hite Art Institute. Artists all over Louisville open their doors to the public once a year for Open Studio Weekend! A directory is sold providing maps and artist information to the attendees. This event is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in art - on any level - to see artists at work, get a glimpse into their process, and in some cases, take advantage of studio sales. It's also a fun way to discover new favorites. Visitors create their own self-guided tour using the printed, downloadable or mobile-friendly directory. Whether you're a fan, a collector, a fellow artist or just starting to explore this bustling scene, Open Studio Weekend is a very exciting way to celebrate Louisville's creative community.

Who can participate?
Fine artists/craft artists who live or work in the Louisville metro area may register their studio. Artists outside of the Louisville metro area must partner with a studio in Louisville. All studio locations submitted must be active and ongoing studio spaces. Pop-up spaces or temporary exhibits will not be accepted for Open Studio Weekend.

When is it held? 
OSW 2019 will take place Saturday, November 2, from 12-6 p.m. and Sunday, November 3, from 12-6 p.m.

Where is it held?
Studios are open throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana.

How can I participate?

When is the deadline to register for the 2019 Open Studio Weekend?
The deadline for studio registration is July 31, 2019.

Does my studio qualify/will I be accepted?
• OSW provides exposure for all artists of all levels in their career.
• At this time, the OSW tour is not juried, but new artists will be screened for quality. (This year, the OSW exhibition at the Cressman Center for Visual Art WILL BE JURIED).
• Studio must be in the Louisville metro area.
• Studio must be active and ongoing studio spaces.
• Pop-up spaces or temporary exhibits will not be accepted for Open Studio Weekend.

How much does it cost to participate and have my studio promoted through OSW?
OSW studio registration is $50. Application fees are non-refundable.

Is the fee reduced if I participate with a group of other artists?
Each artist receives equal publicity in the directory and marketing materials. Therefore, each artist must submit their own application and pay the participation fee. If a group has 8 or more artists in one building and would like to have their organization listed, reduced fees may be available. Contact LVA to inquire.

What do I need to do to complete the registration form?
Before you begin, make sure you have a high-quality digital image in jpeg format. Complete all fields with an asterisk (*). After completing the form, you may pay by credit/debit card. If you want to pay by check, you may mail it to: LVA, 1538 Lytle Street, Louisville, KY 40203 within one week of submitting your application.

What type of artwork image should I submit?
There are two sections in the registration form to submit images.

  1. Submit up to 3 images for OSW promotional items/directory. Images of artwork should be a good representation of your work.

  2. Submit up to 3 images for the OSW Juried Exhibition at the Cressman Center. Image must be of the exact work to be displayed and must be available for the duration of the exhibit.

  • The image(s) you submit will be used in the directory and other OSW marketing materials and publicity efforts. It is your most visible marketing tool and the primary way visitors select which studios to visit.

  • Be sure to choose an image that is high quality, clear, sharp and well-lit. Avoid showing frames, mats, stands, or anything other than your artwork.

  • Images should not contain text or watermarks. Out-of-focus images may be rejected.

  • Consider having your art photographed by a professional photographer.

  • The format of the catalog listing image is square. We understand most artwork is not square and recommend cropping your image to a detail of your painting, photograph or other 2d artwork. Focusing on details in 3d art also works, or you can allow enough space around your piece when photographing to be able to crop to square. Horizontal or vertical images may appear smaller than the square ones in the catalog.

Can I apply in person or mail an application instead of online?
The application is online only. If you are having difficulties completing the form, ask a friend or family member to help. LVA staff can also help over the phone, or you may make an appointment to come into the office and complete the form with staff’s help.

Why do I need to have a profile in the OSW Directory?

  • OSW provides a directory (which will include a studio location map). This directory is a resourceful and informative guide to the arts in Louisville.

  • It is a successful marketing tool for you to use to reach customers and build your art business.

  • Many potential customers and businesses review the OSW Directory for purchasing art or having exhibitions throughout the year.

  • A link to your website will be included in your profile.

I am new to Open Studio Weekend and I have questions about the event...
LVA staff is available to answer your questions. Call Amy Chase at 502.284.8166 x 108 or email

I would like to participate, but I don’t have a space where the public can visit. Do you provide a location or can I show my work at a business?
Many artists share their space, and visitors like to go to locations featuring multiple artists. If you would like to find a studio where an artist is looking to share or if you are an artist wanting to share your studio, contact Amy Chase at

Do I have to demonstrate my artistic process?
Participating artists are not required to demonstrate. However, it is a way to connect and show the value of your work to OSW visitors. Actual demonstrations, storyboards, or showing a work-in-progress you can discuss are all ways to show your process.

What does OSW provide for my application fee?

  • Advertisement listing for your studio in the full-color, print copies of the OSW directory, which is distributed throughout Jefferson County and surrounding counties.

  • Advertisement listing for your studio in the downloadable catalogs available on LVA’s website.

  • A location listing for your studio on the mobile map.

  • OSW advertising and publicity in local and regional publications/media.

  • Tour marketing materials, including directional signs and postcards.

  • Link to your website on your artist profile.

  • Opportunity to show your work at the OSW JURIED Exhibition at the Cressman Center.

  • Proceeds from your OSW sales at your studio are 100% yours — LVA/UofL takes no commission.

  • Opportunities to be featured on Artebella, TV and radio.

Do I need to be open both days of the Tour?
Artists are required to be open both Saturday and Sunday of the tour from 12-6pm.

Can I show reproductions of my work?
Yes, copies of your original art may be included in your display along with your original work. These items may include prints, tiles, greeting cards, etc. You may not display art from another artist not participating in your studio or any other items that weren’t made by you.

How can I promote myself for the Open Studio Weekend?
In addition to your directory studio listing, mobile-friendly map and submitting to the OSW juried exhibition, LVA members participating in OSW will have the opportunity to be featured on Artebella.  15 selected artists will have the opportunity for scheduled professional photo shoots to be used in promotional materials. LVA promotes OSW as a whole. Artists are encouraged to help promote the tour and their studios — the more buzz, the better the publicity.

Reasons to Participate in Open Studio Weekend

  • Two days of commission-free sales opportunities

  • Promote your services (i.e., workshops, lectures, etc.)

  • Building relationships

  • Help educate the public about the value of your artwork - and what time, training, tools and equipment go in to producing quality original artwork

  • Inclusion of your studio in the 2019 Studio Guide and Artist Directory

  • Opportunity to exhibit in the OSW Juried Exhibition at the Cressman Center for Visual Art