Photograph by Laurel Lammers

Photograph by Laurel Lammers

Laurel Lammers has been teaching visual art with Jefferson County Public Schools for 27 years. She holds a BA in Studio Art from Morehead State University and a MA in Art History from the University of Louisville. She also has a Rank 1 certification in teaching art for Kentucky. She has taught CFAC classes with LVA since 1994.

What do you hope your students take away from your class?

I hope that students will learn many different art experiences in my class, especially drawing and painting from life. My students go outside to draw and I am happy to incorporate our school garden in their experiences of observation. We also touch upon still life and portrait in various ways.

What is your favorite thing to teach and why?

Given my background in art history, I often like to incorporate an artist into one of my lessons. I really enjoy teaching painting as well— helping the students to mix colors and really paint rather than just filling in.