Hello! My name is Elizabeth Hertle and I have been teaching CFAC since 2015. I have a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts with a concentration in Interior Design from the University of Louisville.  I began my career as a facilities designer & space planner with the former National City Bank where I worked for 12 years.  When my husband Mark & I began our family I decided to focus on our two boys & discovered the wonderful world of education through substitute teaching, aide jobs, etc.  In 2011  I was offered a chance to teach art at Floyds Knobs Elementary— finally my passion was discovered!  

What do you hope your students take away from your class?

One goal for my students is to discover their passion for art by encouraging them to try new mediums & techniques while focusing on the Principles & Elements of Art.  I believe that we are all artists in our own way & that everyone can enjoy making art, no matter their skill level or ability.

What is your favorite thing to teach and why?

Painting & strong color combinations are a favorite of mine, so many lessons focus on the use of bright colors. I love to see students discover all the wonderful ways they can use color by teaching the Color Wheel & asking them to explore through mixing their own colors. Many times I remind students not to judge their art too quickly. "Paint until you love it!" is my motto.