Denise McClain began teaching in 2005 with Shelby County Public Schools.  She has taught CFAC since 2007.  She holds a BA in Art Education from Bellarmine University and a MA in Special Education from Georgetown College. Outside of teaching, she and her husband and have two wonderful little girls, as well as a small farm where they raise hay, corn, and a small flock of chickens to sell eggs.

What do you hope your students take away from your class?

I hope that students will learn many different art experiences in my class, especially drawing and painting.  I also hope that they are able to gain knowledge and experience in many different types of media.  I hope students realize that creativity is useful in all parts of life, not just in art class.  I hope that students learn new and interesting ways to make art.   

What is your favorite thing to teach and why?

I really enjoy teaching students drawing.  Everything starts with an idea and usually a drawing.  We draw A LOT in my class, both from our surroundings and our imaginations.  I enjoy showing students how to take an idea and create a work of art.  I also enjoy teaching the basic Elements and Principles of Art, as these are the basic building blocks of ANY work of art.