Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Cyanotypes with Foxhollow and Maryhurst

All artwork created will be for sale at this year's Foxhollow Farm's Fall Festival benefiting Maryhurst— come on out on October 10th to pick up a one of a kind piece of art! RSVP on the Facebook event today!

First we explored Foxhollow Farm and each student selected flowers, leaves, and grasses that they wanted to use to create their cyanotype. There were so many lovely options to choose from! Students got to sample ground cherries, sweet peppers, and cherry tomatoes from the edible garden as well.

Students carefully and quickly arranged their composition on the light sensitive paper before leaving it in direct sunlight to expose the image. After the exposure completed, students took their cyanotype to be developed and fixed in water.

The results are amazing! Some truly excellent compositions were created and the range of textures and shapes is so impressive.


After completing several individual pieces the students came together to create a larger group piece inspired by mandalas. You can see the arrangement and the final result above. This piece will be mounted on wood and on display at Foxhollow Farms.