Summer Camp

Picture Love: Portraits

What's the opposite of a selfie? LVA instructor Sarah and assistant instructor LaNia led a class of Picture Love students at the Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation's Sun Valley Community Center. Despite the summer heat, they had fun practicing taking portraits of each other.

Picture Love is a partnership between Louisville Metro and LVA that teaches the art and skill of photography.  The resulting images capture a meaningful moment in each participant’s personal history while painting a larger picture of Louisville as a whole.

2017-06-14 11.32.58.jpg

Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Eisenhower Elementary "Water Tower - Form & Function"

We are having a wonderful time bringing "Water Tower - Form & Function" to Eisenhower Elementary, through a partnership between LVA and the Louisville Water Company made possible through Louisville Water Foundation. During this class, students broke into small groups to create their very own water tower design — taking what they've learned about the form and function of a water tower and making it their own. Next class, they will begin to build their water towers in small groups and will go on to paint and embellish them soon after! By the end of the residency, students will strengthen their critical thinking skills, learn new creative problem-solving techniques, and will work collaboratively towards a common goal. We can't wait to see what they create!

Eisenhower Watertower 2017-3.jpg
Eisenhower Watertower 2017-9.jpg

Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Roosevelt Perry Mask Making Residency

During our visit to Roosevelt Perry's mask making residency, students were beginning to form their masks from papier mache! In the previous class, students sketched ideas inspired from two different folktales they read, including the Chinese Zodiac and a Native American folktales! Next class, students will add paint and will begin embellishing with a variety of materials to make their ideas come to life! 

Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Visually Impaired Preschool Services

We are having a great time working with Kosair Kids® through Kosair Charities and Fund for the Arts to bring a 28 week program to the Visually Impaired Preschool Services! During this class visit artist facilitator Ehren Reed and intern Zara Goldberg worked with students to mold clay into the letter of their first name and then add textural embellishments. This exercise is in preparation for a clay tile mural that the students will create next!