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LVA's Artebella On The Radio May 16, 2019

Sara Cissell & Diane Dillman joined us to talk about "Mental Misconceptions: The Art of Self Care", the exhibit they curated at the Hite Institute at U of L. They also brought one of the artists, Carrie Donovan. Tune in to WOXO 97.1 FM, or stream on Artxfm.com Thursdays at 10am to listen to LVA's Artebella On The Radio.

By Brianna Harlan

By Brianna Harlan

Sara Cissell will be graduating this upcoming fall 2019 with her BA in Art History and Humanities. Sara has eight years of museum experience formerly working at the Frazier History Museum, and currently the Speed Art Museum. She has interned for the Speed, KMAC, and Sheherazade Gallery. This will be Sara’s first curated show.

Diana Dillman graduated Fall 2018 with her BA in Art History and has interned for the Filson Historical Society and the United States Capitol Visitors Center. Diana currently works at the Kentucky Derby Museum. She has previously curated for the Critical and Curatorial Studies II class with “Caprices: Wit and Whimsy,” which was also at Schneider Hall.

Carrie Donovan is currently the Design manager at The Speed Art Museum. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, she received her BFA in Communication Art & Design from the University of Louisville. 

The Hite Art Institute is pleased to present “Mental Misconceptions: The Art of Self-Care”, an art exhibition that investigates, comments, and validates the correlation between mental health and the healing process otherwise known as “post-trauma growth.” Post-trauma growth refers to those who have experienced a stronger sense of well-being after a traumatic event. This exhibition solely focuses on local artists and their unique interpretations towards their own self-care and the treatment of others.

“Mental Misconceptions: The Art of Self-Care” features eleven local artists including: Megan Bickel, Jeremy Brightbill, Julio Cesar Rodriguez Aguilar, Andrew and Simon Cozzens, Carrie Donovan, Brianna Harlan, Tammy Richardson, KCJ Szwedzinski, and Letitia Quesenberry.


LVA's Artebella On The Radio: March 28, 2019

Excited to have Natalia Zuluaga, the Great Meadows 2019 Critic-In-Residence, and Julien Robson, the Director of the Great Meadows Foundation, in the studio this week. Tune in to WXOX 97.1 FM, or stream on Artxfm.com each Thursday to hear Keith Waits talk to artists and curators and more.


Natalia Zuluaga, currently based in Miami FL, is visiting Kentucky as a Critic-In-Residence, a two-month residency program organized though Great Meadows Foundation in partnership with INhouse.

Between 2007 and 2012 Natalia Zuluaga was the manager of foundation programs at CIFO (Cisneros Fontanais Art Foundation), and from 2016 through 2018 she was Artistic Director of the ArtCenter/South Florida,. Since 2014 she has been the co-director of [NAME] Publications, a non-profit press and cultural office, and most recently she launched and is the co-editor of the bilingual online journal Dispatches.

Julien Robson copy.jpg

Julien Robson has 30 years of experience with curating and organizing events. After studying Fine Art at Bath Academy of Art in England, he worked in Britain and Austria before coming to the U.S. He was the curator of Contemporary Art at Louisville’s Speed Art Museum from 2000 to 2008. He is now an Independent Curator and serves as the director of INhouse Foundation, which is a venue for creative retreats and an organization dedicated to supporting extraordinary creative projects located in Louisville, He is also the director of the Great Meadows Foundation.