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Summer Camp

Picture Love: Portraits

What's the opposite of a selfie? LVA instructor Sarah and assistant instructor LaNia led a class of Picture Love students at the Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation's Sun Valley Community Center. Despite the summer heat, they had fun practicing taking portraits of each other.

Picture Love is a partnership between Louisville Metro and LVA that teaches the art and skill of photography.  The resulting images capture a meaningful moment in each participant’s personal history while painting a larger picture of Louisville as a whole.

2017-06-14 11.32.58.jpg

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Open Doors Feature: Klondike Elementary Visual History Project


We're so excited to be bringing the Visual History Program to Klondike Elementary this spring! Students have begun creating their quilt pieces based on Judy Chicago's International Honor Quilt. Each student has researched a female figure that played an important role during World War II to base their quilt piece on. Students are learning the importance of feminism while also learning how to turn the knowledge they gain into a creative work of art. This program, taught by Ehren Reed, is a perfect complement to social studies, literature lessons, and art lessons.


Images provided by LVA's media intern Zoie Richey 

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Open Doors Feature: Western Middle School & Broadway Across America

With support from Broadway Across America and the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, Louisville Visual Art's Ehren Reed worked with eighth grade students at Western Middle School to create this immersive installation in anticipation of the upcoming performance of "The Little Mermaid".  The students explored a variety of textile techniques including traditional Japanese indigo dyeing and silk painting to create this work. Thanks to Western Middle School teachers Amanda Thompson and Becky Kelm for their participation and support! You can see the installation in person from now until February 19th.

Western MIddle - Little Mermaid - Broadway Across America-4.jpg

Images by Sarah Katherine Davis and Zoie Richey 

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The Future Is Now Feature

We are so excited to share this short film documenting six months of The Future Is Now! A HUGE thank you to the folks over at Language&Logic for really capturing the heart and soul of the program and translating it so perfectly to film. 

The Future is Now is mentorship program that matches JCPS high school students with professional local artist in Louisville, Kentucky. For half a year, each team worked towards creating individual and collaborative pieces for an exhibition in the Green Building Gallery. Along the way, the gallery and mentors taught the students about new artistic processes, portfolio building, exhibition design, installation, marketing, and what it takes to be a professional artist. Learn more here.