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Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Aboriginal Art Collaboration

We had such a great time collaborating with Walden Theatre/Blue Apple Players to bring performances to compliment the Louisville Youth Orchestra's performance this past Sunday. The piece LYO performed, Dreamtime Ancestors, was written by Mr. Christopher Theofanidis and is performed only one time in each state! Ford's Made in America and now New Music for America selected the Louisville Youth Orchestra to represent Kentucky for this project— we were so honored to collaborate with them on a nationally recognized project! 

Dreamtime Ancestors is based on the Australian aboriginal creation myths connected to "dreamtime", where each of us is connected to each other through our "dreamtime ancestors" in the past, present and future. Each movement had an aboriginal poem read prior to the presentation. LVA and Walden collaborated to allow Walden's students to interpret various aboriginal creation myths through performance. It was wonderful getting to help facilitate the creation of props for their performances and learning about aboriginal artwork together.