Link Round Up

Friday Link Round Up: February 3rd, 2017

Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Klondike Elementary Visual History Project


We're so excited to be bringing the Visual History Program to Klondike Elementary this spring! Students have begun creating their quilt pieces based on Judy Chicago's International Honor Quilt. Each student has researched a female figure that played an important role during World War II to base their quilt piece on. Students are learning the importance of feminism while also learning how to turn the knowledge they gain into a creative work of art. This program, taught by Ehren Reed, is a perfect complement to social studies, literature lessons, and art lessons.


Images provided by LVA's media intern Zoie Richey 

Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Visually Impaired Preschool Services

We are having a great time working with Kosair Kids® through Kosair Charities and Fund for the Arts to bring a 28 week program to the Visually Impaired Preschool Services! During this class visit artist facilitator Ehren Reed and intern Zara Goldberg worked with students to mold clay into the letter of their first name and then add textural embellishments. This exercise is in preparation for a clay tile mural that the students will create next! 

Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Mural At Shawnee Community Center

With support from LVA, Metro Parks, as well as Fund for the Arts, Ashley Brossart designed a mural consisting of a series of vignettes highlighting the community of the Shawnee neighborhood to be installed at the Shawnee Arts and Cultural Center. Volunteers from UPS came to help paint the panels with direction from Ashley. The finished project not only beautifies the community center, but it will also act as a sound barrier to help keep the noise from the gym out of the art room that hosts Studio 2000!