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Friday Link Roundup: Friday, August 2, 2019

Hawk Alfredson at Craft(s) Gallery & Mercantile

Hawk Alfredson at Craft(s) Gallery & Mercantile


The opening reception for Mind Rivers: Works by Hawk Alfredson will be tonight at Craft(s). Listen to a radio interview on LVA’s Artebella On The Radio with Hawk and Mia Hanson.

Heat - Letitia Quesenberry - opening the new Quappi Projects space.

Slow Remembrance: A Photography Showing by April Martin opens tonight at Art Sanctuary.

ZECK featuring Suzi Zimmerer, Juli Edberg, Nancy Currier, & Keith Kleespies has a reception tonight at PYRO Gallery. Listen to a radio interview on LVA’s Artebella On The Radio with the four artists.

Dunno it's painterly: opens at garner narrative.

ZECK at Pyro Gallery

ZECK at Pyro Gallery

In the Hot Seat Poetry Circle is at KMAC tonight.


Contemporary Portraits of the Ohio River Artist is up at B. Deemer Gallery.

John Brooks’ A Map of Scents continues at Moremen Gallery.

TKO: New Work by Tara Key & Tara Jane O'Neil is at Surface Noise.

Ebony G. Patterson…while the dew is still on the roses… continues at The Speed Museum. This is a must see.

Cardinal Moments is at Swanson Contemporary.

Breaking the Mold: Sculptor Enid Yandell’s Early Life, 1869-1900 is at The Filson.

Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie continues through August.

Mental Misconceptions: The Art of Self Care at The Hite Institute’s Schneider Galleries.

2019 MFA Graduates Exhibition at Cressman Center.

The Spring Invitational. is at Kleinhelter Galley in New Albany.


LVA's Artebella On The Radio July 25, 2019

Photograph © Grayson Dantzic

Photograph © Grayson Dantzic

Mia Hanson & Hawk Alfredson were the guests on this week's LVA's Artebella On the Radio. Hawk's new solo exhibition, "Mind Rivers", will be opening at Craft(s) Gallery & Mercantile on August 2. Tune in each Thursday at 10am to WXOX 97.1 FM, or stream on

“Chance Meeting in the Outskirts of Town” by Hawk Alfredson, Oil on canvas 36x24in, 2013

“Chance Meeting in the Outskirts of Town” by Hawk Alfredson, Oil on canvas 36x24in, 2013

Hawk Alfredson was born in Örebro, Sweden in 1960. He moved to New York City in 1995, where he for many years lived and painted in the fabled Chelsea Hotel. In 2006, Art & Antiques Magazine proclaimed Mr. Alfredson as "one of the most collectible of the European Contemporary Surrealists of the new Century".

Alfredson’s prestigious list of exhibits includes The Katonah Museum (in a group show curated by Thelma Golden of The Whitney Museum), Japan's Prefectoral Museum in Tokyo, New York's Alternative Museum, Australia's Regional Art Museum in Orange, NSW, and the historic Nordiska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden. Gallery exhibitions can be counted in the hundreds and include the destinations Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boca Raton, Boston and Baltimore along with his frequent showings throughout New York City.

“Ida Disa” by Mia Hanson, Photograph, POR

“Ida Disa” by Mia Hanson, Photograph, POR

Mia Hanson Studied film theory and photography in San Francisco’s Bay Area before leaving to pursue a photographic mentorship with influential photographer/ videographer Matt Mahurin in NYC in the 90’s.She has lived in Stockholm but returned to the states with her partner, painter Hawk Alfredson to live for several years in the fabled Chelsea Hotel in NYC. While in residence there she, “Created portraits utilizing the light and charged energy of the hotel atmosphere while careful not to disturb or “document “ what is not entirely capable of being captured. The ghosts are best left alone.”

Hanson will be exhibiting at The Portland Museum in October as part of the 2019 Louisville Photo Biennial.