LVA's Artebella On The Radio: September 12, 2019


Jacob Heustis' “Beasts Will Be Still There” opens September 20 at John Brooks' Quappi Projects space. Both were here in the studio Thursday morning, and Peter Morrin joined us in the 2nd half to talk about the Afloat cruise. Tune in to WXOX 97.1 FM, or stream on each Thursday at 10am to LVA' Artebella On the Radio to hear artists talk about their work.


Opened by artist John Brooks in 2017, Quappi Projects is a Louisville-based art gallery featuring contemporary artists whose works are reflective of the zeitgeist. “Because we believe the highest function of art is to allow human beings to know ourselves more deeply, we are interested in exhibiting challenging, even discomforting, work as a way to explore and understand the mysteries of the human experience.”


Jacob Heustis uses painting, drawing, and installation to question and explore value and class systems, vanity and desire and the nature of art and aesthetics within the context of contemporary society. Heustis’ large-scale works consist of a minimal but expressive application of medium and materials often combined with self-referential phrases and appropriated pop-culture lexicon in the form of hand written text.

Since 2004 he has exhibited at Swanson Contemporary, the Green Building Gallery, Land of Tomorrow, Zephyr Gallery, Actor’s Theatre, Brown Theatre, Kentucky School of Art, Hite Art Institute, The Speed Art Museum, Cressman Center for Visual Arts, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, and 21C Bentonville, Durham, and Cincinnati.

Jacob Heustis’ “Beasts Will Be Still There” will have an opening reception Friday, September 20, 5-9pm, Quappi projects, 827 West Market Street, Louisville


Peter Morrin was the Director of the Center for Arts and Culture Partnerships at UofL from 2010 until his retirement in 2016. Mr. Morrin also taught in the Department of Fine Arts, especially in courses serving the Critical and Curatorial Studies track in the Master’s Degree program, and before that he was the Director of the J.B. Speed Museum. He is now co-founder with John Begley of Afloat.

On September 22nd, join AFLOAT on the Belle of Louisville for a cruise with a variety of scholars, artists and performers who can tell about every aspect of Ohio River life and natural history. Informal, one-on-one up close and personal chats with the experts will be the order of the day. 5-8pm. Tickets at afloat