Link Round Up

Friday Link Roundup: July 27, 2018

"Bild That Wall" by Shayne Hull, 2018

"Bild That Wall" by Shayne Hull, 2018


Shayne Hull: Politicians and Flesh, opens tonight at Swanson Contemporary, 6-8pm
Cirque Louis performs to commemorate Iroquois Amphitheatre's 80th Birthday.
After Hours at The Speed Museum will include Living A Feminist Life through Art, Eduction and the Media.


The Louisville Fringe Festival wraps up this weekend at Kaiju and Four Pegs.
Speed Museum screens Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace.
Pyro Gallery opens John McCarthy's Nature in Play and Susan Moffett: A Retrospective.
Enter New Worlds: Paintings by Andrew Abbott and Suann Childers continues at garner narrative.
Douglas Miller and Karen Weeks are exhibiting together at Lenihan Sotheby through the summer.
And you can view Douglas's MFA exhibit at Cressman Center for one more week.
U of L's Photographic Archives is open for Louisville Underground Music.
Chloe Lee's exhibit at Surface Noise.