Summer Camp

Comic Art with Kevlen Goodner

Illustrator Kevlen Goodner spent a week with our Comic Art summer camp class. Here's what he shared with his Facebook fans:

"I simply cannot say enough about the incredible young people I was privileged to meet and honored to work with at this week's Louisville Visual Art summer camp. I have no doubt that I met with future illustrators whose work will dazzle us in the pages of comics, manga and even animation!

I'm even more proud of the fact that the class was made up predominantly of young women! Their voices will be heard loud and clear, their stories told near and far! Thank you so much to each and every one of them.

Thank you to the parents and loved ones who continue to encourage and inspire them to reach their creative goals. And thank you to LVA for the invitation to share in this beautiful experience. Support your local art organizations! These are our neighbors dedicating their lives to enriching ours. Thank you a million/billion times over to the awesome Jacqueliine Pallesen and the amazing Annette Cable! You guys are Rock Stars in the truest since of the words ;) 

See you soon
-The Illest-Strator"