Summer Camp

Studio 2000: Batiks, 2D and Ceramics

Studio 2000 allows high school students who are interested in pursuing visual art as a career to have the opportunity to work with professional artists in clay, fiber, mixed media, and mural art while also receiving a $500 stipend at the end of the eight-week session. The program culminates with a public exhibition and sale at the end of the summer that brings proceeds back to Studio 2000 to support future programming. Studio 2000 is a partnership between Louisville Metro Parks and LVA.

This week, students at the Shawnee Arts and Cultural Center enjoy working on ceramics, 2D art and Batiks.

The Batik process is a wax-resist dyeing technique that is traditional in several different cultures, mostly in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. The textiles that this group is making will be used to create "functional" items - book covers for handmade books, pillow cases, tote bags, etc.

The 2D group's emphasis is on printmaking, but they will also be creating primarily functional things - printing on greeting cards, t-shirts, totebags, skateboard decks and more.