Member Monday

Member Monday: Tiffany Carbonneau

What does LVA add to your life?

Internship possibilities for my students, exhibitions that enrich the community, classes that enrich the community.

Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon.

Cooking a delicious meal.

Who is your favorite local artist?

Too many good ones: some of my favorites: Mary Carothers, Debra Clem, Emily Sheehan, Susanna Crum

Where would you like to see Louisville 10 years from now?

Less racially and economically segregated, more openness and acceptance of Southern Indiana as part of the Louisville community. It is a social divide that dates back to the civil war era, let’s move on and live and work together as the one community that we are. More public transportation, More creative industry, more private, local, state, and federal funds for the arts that are democratically allocated.

What neighborhood do you live in? What are some of your favorite things about it?

 I live close to downtown New Albany.  I absolutely love that my neighborhood is economically and racially diverse, that I can afford a beautiful historical home, that I can ride my bike/walk just a few blocks and be at the waterfront or at so many great, locally owned shops and restaurants, and our great farmers’ market. 

What three items would you bring to a desert island?

My dogs, Crunch and Oliver, a water filter, and a really sharp knife, wait maybe that’s four.

What advice would you give your past self if you could?

Don’t expect the world to get better as you grow older, you have to work make it better.  People are fragile.  Gender Bias is alive and well and comes at you from unexpected places, don’t let that get you down, use the economic and educational privileges you have enjoyed to work for equality for all.