Open Doors

Open Doors Feature: Printmaking at St. Joe's

We had a great time visiting students at St. Joe's as they worked with Lori Kelley, an art therapist from LVA, to create their very own prints! Students began by sketching a few options on paper. From there, they selected their favorite to draw onto linoleum!

Once they drew their sketch on linoleum, students worked carefully to carve their blocks— making sure not to carve too deep or too shallow and to always cut away from their hands! 

The next step might have been the student's favorites— getting to mix and blend colors on plexiglass to use to ink their blocks! We got pretty messy, but it was well worth it!

From there, students were able to make print after print— experimenting with different colors and techniques. Their work was so lovely! We can't wait to visit again and see what else they've been up to!