Artist Support

Artist Support: Kroger Murals

In an exciting example of a corporation infusing money into the community through locally commissioned art, Kroger's is collaborating with Louisville Visual Art to employ local artists to create dynamic interpretations of the surrounding neighborhoods.  

LVA and Kroger unveiled four large-format art installations in four stores on August 4, 2015. Three local artists were commissioned by the supermarket chain to create murals at four Louisville-area stores in Prospect, Springhurst, The Highlands neighborhood, and Middletown. 

Ashley Brossart brings her unique, trademark approach to cataloging iconic landmarks and buildings that represent the intrinsic character of an area to her art for the Prospect store. The expressionistic edge and idiosyncratic perspective, as in all Brossart's work, encourage a fresh viewpoint on familiar environments. 

For the Middletown store, Carrie Neumayer focuses on the Kentucky Derby, architectural landmarks from the area, and the signature roses and lillies featured in the Winner's Garland that is crafted each year at the Middleton Kroger. A lighthearted visual collage of Churchill Downs imagery showcasing the trademark twin spires, racing fans, and, of course, thoroughbred horses, the style reflects the popular illustration work of Ms. Neumayer that is so often featured in Louisville Magazine.

Claire Hirn's piece for the Kroger Highlands store is inspired by the setting of bountiful, colorful produce, integrated with a backdrop of known Highland area elements. The composition takes advantage of the open wall space between and above two windows and moves the eye through color and cut out shapes.

Hirn's design for the Springhurst location is inspired by the proximity of open land and residential living, as one flows into the next visually.  Harvesting crops are delivered to the table in this composition, with the texture and colors of the land breathing into our daily lives. All under the rays of our sun!

Each mural had a budget of $10,000, and they can be found in the café section at Prospect, Springhurst and Middletown, and in the produce area at the Highlands store.