Beth Holladay holds a Masters in Art Education from University of Louisville, and BA in Graphic Design and Photography from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. She is currently a high school visual arts instructor in Jefferson County Public Schools. Beth has taught children’s art classes in Louisville at Preston Arts Center since 2006, and through Louisville Visual Art since 2016. In addition to teaching, Beth is also a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, and Girls Rock Louisville.  

What do you hope your students take away from your class?

My constant hope for my students is that they develop a growth-mindset, taking personal ownership and pride in their progress as artist.

In classes, I hope students develop this mindset in four main areas:

  1. Self confidence and enthusiasm regarding their technical ability and craft.
  2. Utilizing art for self-expression, especially as a powerful avenue to connect, validate, and share their own beliefs, emotions, experiences.
  3. Exposure to a variety of styles, purposes and uses of art in historical context.
  4. Developing an increased sense of personal Identity as an artist.  

What is your favorite thing to teach and why?

I love teaching students to make photographs, and to then utilize those photographs in mixed-media paintings and collages. I love seeing the world through my student’s eyes, and helping them find beauty and meaning in the mundane. I also enjoy introducing my students to new or unexpected techniques and materials, and encouraging creative experimentation.