The Academy at LVA 2018 Senior Spotlight: River Skipworth


River Skipworth has been taking Louisville Visual Art (LVA) classes for nine years, starting in fourth grade and continuing up through his senior year. His teachers have included Annette Cable, William Duffy, Dennis Whitehouse, Claudia Hammer, Colin Lloyd, and Sunny Ra, and ranged in location from Douglass Community Center to DuPont Manuel High School, Spalding University, and the Holy Trinity/Clifton Community Center.

He has received nine Gold Keys, a Gold Key Portfolio, two Silver Keys, and Eight Honorable Mentions in the Scholastic art Awards. River also won a first, two seconds, and a third place in the KY Art Education Association All State Art Awards in the region, and a second place in the state. He was a member of Art Club at school, and participated in Studio 2000 (through Metro Parks & LVA), The Future is Now (a mentorship program through LVA), and the Governor’s School for the Arts (GSA).

River will be attending Murray State University in fall 2018. “So far I have received around $4,000 in financial aid, KEES money and academic scholarships. I plan on majoring in some art form, but I haven’t decided yet exactly which one. I have also won the John Botto Award for overall body of work in the 2018 Scholastic Art Awards that included a scholarship of $250.”

“I give Louisville Visual Art (LVA) a lot of credit over the years for helping me succeed in not only the many classes but also helping me to participate in multiple programs including: Studio 2000, The Future is Now, and GSA. I have also volunteered for a United Way daycare teaching art to kids for a week during Christmas break, and for Squallis Puppeteers on multiple occasions. The class I have enjoyed and learned from the most is Painting with Dennis Whitehouse and Sunny Ra.”


“Children’s Fine Art Classes (CFAC) and The Academy at LVA have made a huge impact on my life, I would not be the artist I am today with out the many years and mentors I have learned from. I have enjoyed learning from each and every one of these teachers and have tried to absorb as much of their knowledge and skill as possible. It saddens me to know that this constant source of help and guidance for me will soon be gone, but I hope it will continue to help and inspire young artists in Louisville like my little sister. I have recommended CFAC to many people and feel that this program is more important to our community than it has been credited. All of my teachers have been great but I feel that Mr. William Duffy has gone above and beyond for me, not only because I was with him the longest but also because I could always tell he genuinely cared for me and the other students. He is very knowledgeable in multiple techniques and is an overall kind human. Thank you.”

River's work will be included in The Academy at LVA Exhibition, which will be on display May 9 - 16 at Louisville Visual Art, 1538 Lytle Street in the Portland neighborhood. Gallery Hours are Monday through Thursday, 12-4pm, or by appointment. There will be a reception Friday, May 11, 6-8pm.

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Photography, Fiber, Installation

Vignette: Sarah Kinslow

"Parachute Room" by Sarah Kinslow, 25x14in, still frame of cinemagraph (2016), $100 |  BUY NOW

"Parachute Room" by Sarah Kinslow, 25x14in, still frame of cinemagraph (2016), $100 | BUY NOW

Artists change over time. As a student in LVA’s Children’s Fine Art Classes, Sarah Kinslow was adept at highly detailed pen & ink drawings, the highlight of a portfolio that earned her a scholarship. Now in art school, she has shifted into fiber as a medium: “From a young age I was introduced to the art world via textile crafts such as crocheting, knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, and many other processes. This was part of my everyday life and it impacted the trajectory of my career path early on. Through these processes I have been able to express myself and look to other artists following the same lines.”

Like many artists that work with fiber, Kinslow has an acute awareness of the history and heritage of these techniques as, "woman's work" or as menial household activities that, however important to daily life they might have once been, they were not by any means considered art.

“I want my work with textiles to give the viewer a different perspective, and provide them a place visually or physically to see that these realities are not what we may perceive them to be. They are to question what impact they themselves have on to the pieces, such as my installation work, and what their presence does to the work and their impact on their own reality.” 

Who wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to revisit the tent forts of their childhood? Kinslow’s installations are at once modern and traditional, anachronistic yet cozy. By building space that invites a viewer to sit in quiet contemplation, she explores the layers of meaning in the word “comfort” and reconnects us to the fundamental touchstones of family with a sure sense of place. The larger cultural associations can run even deeper, with the universality of a tented enclosure found in enough history to provide a common thread of understanding.

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Age: 20
Education: Currently a student at the Kentucky College of Art and Design at Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky for a BFA in Painting/Drawing and Pre-Art Therapy.

"A Place For Contemplation #2" by Sarah Kinslow, 30x20in, digital photo of installation (2016)

"A Place For Contemplation #2" by Sarah Kinslow, 30x20in, digital photo of installation (2016)

"Exploration #4" by Sarah Kinslow, 6x10in, monotype dry point print (2016)

"Exploration #4" by Sarah Kinslow, 6x10in, monotype dry point print (2016)

"Fluidity" by Sarah Kinslow,  20x14in,  digital print (2016)

"Fluidity" by Sarah Kinslow, 20x14in, digital print (2016)

Sarah Kinslow (2016)

Sarah Kinslow (2016)

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