LVA strives to work with innovative thinkers, enthusiastic supporters, and those in the community who want to help visual arts move forward — Artebella is just one way we make that happen! Through explorative investigations written by curators, featured articles, interviews, and vignettes, Artebella delves into artists’ work and history, and also the larger artistic and cultural contexts surrounding them.

Meet The Faces Behind Artebella

Keith Waits, Writer & Managing Editor

Born and raised in Louisville, Keith Waits has been involved with the LVA off-and-on since the late 1980s, eventually joining LVA as Facility Manager in 2006, where he now manages the day-to-day operations of the gallery space.

Keith studied Fine Art at three institutes of higher learning, including the Louisville School of Art. He has also been involved with Walden Theatre, including support work in set design and construction and managing the operation of a visual art exhibition space at the Theatre. Keith has also worked professionally as a Manager and Purchaser in retail bookselling.

In addition to his work at the LVA, Keith is also the Managing Editor of a website,, which covers local visual arts, theatre, and music in Louisville.

Artebella's History

You can view the Artebella Daily archives by    clicking here   .

You can view the Artebella Daily archives by clicking here.

Artebella Daily was an on-line initiative launched in October 2012 by Louisville Visual Art. Artebella Daily was, for nearly four years, a five-days- a-week email highlighting individual artists working and exhibiting in the Louisville area. In that time, Artebella Daily delivered over 700 individual emails showcasing the work of more than 300 artists. Thousands of subscribers from all around the world have been learning about artists from the Kentuckiana region.

Beginning in September 2016, Artebella dropped the Daily and was rebranded to reflect a new vision of representing visual artists in Louisville and its surrounding area. Drawing on feedback from artists and arts professionals within the community, as well as the metrics that tell us what your viewing habits are, Louisville Visual Art's staff developed a revised blog format and schedule for the four-year- old online program that will provide a fresh delivery system for Artebella material.

Artebella's Call To Artists

We are always taking submissions for consideration as a Vignette or Q&A on our blog. We welcome artists from every medium to submit (including video artists and installation artists). There is no membership or fee required to submit your work. We only ask that artists live with in the state of Kentucky or within a 50 mile radius of the Louisville area—this includes areas of Southern Indiana. We do make exceptions for artists that live outside of the radius, but have exhibited work in the Louisville/Kentucky area. Artists can also submit up to four times a year for consideration (once each quarter of the year).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Artebella?

Artebella seeks to become a destination web site for artists, art collectors, galleries, and businesses to go to for information regarding the Louisville visual art community. Artebella will be an informative blog focusing on select artists in the Louisville and surrounding area, helping to educate the public about their work, career, individual stories, and properly acknowledging these artists for their overall contribution to the cultural landscape, all while exposing them to new prospective buyers and greater opportunities.

What exactly is a Vignette or Q&A?

Vignettes are an expanded version of the traditional Artebella Daily format, which include four or five featured artworks and text of 300-400 words about the artist and the featured work. The Q&A gives the opportunity to hear from the artist in their own words, answering a series of questions about their artwork and career (including featured artworks, studio shots, and a portrait of the artist). 

How do I become a Guest Curator?

Qualified curators and/or experienced writers should contact Managing Editor Keith Waits: to offer a C.V., writing sample, and/or share your idea for material. 

How do I get a Feature?

Features are assigned exclusively by the Editorial Staff and are developed several weeks in advance.

Does the highlighted work have to be for sale exclusively through Artebella?

No. LVA will act as agent for any purchases made through contact with LVA, and receive 40% commission on those purchases, but the work may also be available for purchase through direct contact with the artist of through exhibition.

I have some new work that’s not my “normal” work. Can I still submit it?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. Artebella is a terrific venue to highlight new directions in your work because it can help provide context for the audience. 

I'm an installation and or mulit-media artist. Am I eligible to submit work to Artebella?

Absolutely! We can easily include video files or link to your You Tube channel. The revised format allows greater freedom in representing interdisciplinary work.

Where can I find out more about advertising through Artebella?

You can find out more about advertising by clicking here. The opportunity to advertise on Artebella is easy and affordable, and reaches a highly desirable audience.

I’m not from the Louisville/Kentucky area, but I have an upcoming show or representation there. Can I still submit to Artebella?

Yes. While Artebella tends to be focused on artists who live and work in the Greater Louisville region, we are happy to consider the work of artists who are involved in an exhibit or event in Louisville.

Photos by Sarah Katherine Davis. Entire contents copyright © 2016 Louisville Visual Art. All rights reserved.