Angela Ress has been teaching CFAC classes for the past two years. She holds a degree in Photography and New Media from Bellarmine University and recently completed her Masters in Arts Education. She teaches middle school art for Jefferson County Public Schools in addition to teaching for LVA and the J.B. Speed Art Museum. Prior teaching experiences and work experience include assisting in photography workshops at The Center for Photography at Woodstock, creating calotypes in Lacock, England and teaching for the Fund for the Arts through the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.

What do you hope your students take away from your class?

I hope my students take away a new way to look at the world and a practice to continue creativity in each aspect of their life. Whether we are looking through view finders, going on scavenger hunts in the community garden, or making cyanotypes, my hope is that my students experiment, laugh, play, and become creative thinkers.

What is your favorite thing to teach and why?

I love teaching photography. Photography is a democratic medium that allows students to change how they perceive the world. Plus, the possibilities are endless with photography; from the computer lab to photo transfer to 19th century photo processes, there are hundreds of exciting and fun ways to make an image and I love watching students' work grow and flourish through a series of classes.