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Photograph by Alex Serpentini,

Photograph by Alex Serpentini,

Alex Serpentini has a background fine art, brand strategy, cultural policy, and social outreach programming. She currently holds a BFA in 2D Fine Art and a BFA in 3D Fine Art from the University of Louisville, an MA in creative and cultural politics and economics from King's College London, and runs a pro-bono micromentary production company. She has shown work in the US, UK and was a part of the Crete Biennale in Chania, Greece.

What do you hope your students take away from your class?

At the end of my Developing Concepts 2 course, I want my students to walk out the door with four key strengths: a polished online portfolio; a firm grasp of self-branding; an inspired sense of possibility; and the ability to confidently speak about their work.

What is your favorite thing to teach and why? 

That's an easy question! My favorite thing to teach is conceptual art with digital or scientific emphasis. I adore showing students all of the incredible art that's currently going on around the world - from sculptures with interactive algorithms to colossal video games projection-mapped on the sides of buildings - even to biohacked textiles. There is an incredible world out there and I love giving students the chance to see all the different ways their artwork could be used.