Additional Information for Kroger Mural Applications 

Project Description

Louisville Visual Art in association with Kroger, seek local artists interested in creating a large-scale indoor artwork in Louisville, KY.  This artwork will have high visibility and will be prominently displayed within Kroger. 

Project Objectives:

Ideally, the artwork will surprise and delight shoppers and visitors and will evoke a creative, uplifting feeling that encourages community and gathering and celebrates the spirit of that neighborhood.

The artwork should:

  • Incorporate enduring references to the city’s physical, social, cultural or historic aspects in a unique, unexpected way
  • Engage and inspire the community and visitors who use the store
  • Comprise durable materials with minimum maintenance requirements and maximum resistance to vandalism 

Kroger's Brand Promise:

We aspire to offer an outstanding shopping experience that is Fresh and Friendly while promoting Hospitality, Value, Convenience and Simplicity.  These are the fundamental building blocks that hope will inspire our customers to feel Proud, Rewarded, Appreciated, Confident and know that they are cared for. 

Company values:

Kroger’s company values include honesty, diversity, inclusion, integrity, respect and safety. The company aspires to create a store environment that is uplifting, welcoming and friendly and conveys a sense of connectedness to the communities within which we operate our stores. We base every business decision on what we believe is best for our customers and our store associates.

Additional values that are very important to us include:  Environmental Sustainability (this store will feature many of these elements), connection to the local community (shoppers, employees and providers of local products), health and wellness, family, diversity, inclusion and trust.