(Photo: Courtesy of Meyers + Associates Architecture)

(Photo: Courtesy of Meyers + Associates Architecture)


3D Artwork Installation Commission
Deadline: January 22, 2018

The still-under-construction AC Hotel in NuLu has a corridor for which they had originally planned on purchasing manufactured art from a large corporation. The diagram above shows that agreed-upon concept. They are giving us an opportunity to prove that it would be better to invest in local artists. This will be a permanent installation in a high traffic area visible from the street. The thinking is to incorporate illumination but they are open to all ideas. The artwork must be safe to touch (no sharp edges) and must be able to be installed securely. They would prefer that the artwork not extend off the wall more than 5".

It is short lead-time because they have only just now considered the possibility of local artists but still must keep to their construction schedule. The tight time frame doesn’t allow for a formal Call to Artists so we are extending this invitation to a select list of artists and will need a quick response declaring your intention to propose.

Would you be interested in creating an artwork for this space? Would you be able to have it finished and installed by the end of March 2018?

· Would you be able to create panels similar to the panels in the diagram? (if that's what they chose)

· Do you have an idea of what you would create for the space if the diagram panels weren't used?

Stipend for two sketched ideas: $200
Budget: Not to exceed $16,000
Installation Date: Late March 2018
Location: 1st Floor, AC Hotel, 725 E. Market St., Louisville, KY

Please submit by email to keith@louisvillevisualart.org:

· Four (4) images of current work related to your proposal

· Two sketches;

o   One sketch of an original idea (or preexisting artwork if applicable)

o   One sketch of your recreated panels resembling the panels shown in the provided diagram

· An explanation of sketches

· Artist CV/Resume