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2016 has been a year of excitement and expansion for our organization! Thanks to the support of members and donors like you, we have been able to engage, inspire, and improve our community and city through visual art education, community outreach, and artist support for the last 107 years. We are pleased to be working with Luckett & Farley on developing an architectural plan for our Portland home— the below concept was released during our UnMasked fundraiser this fall. 

Over 1,025 students participated in LVA’s Children’s Fine Art Classes (CFAC), the only out-of-school-time (OST) in-depth visual art experience for visually talented students in the region. During the 2015-16 school year, CFAC offered 20,500 of OST instruction at 35 sites in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Enrollment has increased 30% in the last three years and continues to grow.

Meanwhile, all graduating seniors were offered scholarships or financial aid. The Academy has just finished its third semester—  ensuring our students are top choice candidates for universities and art schools around the country. CFAC and The Academy continue to compete for the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, for which it is a five-time finalist.

OPEN DOORS, LVA’s community outreach program, provides over 2,000 art experiences each year to under-served populations including at-risk youth, refugees, immigrants, senior citizens, and victims of domestic abuse as well as many others. These projects are installed where they are created, generating a lasting impact on the community. This year we received 50% more requests than the program is capable of fulfilling with our current funding levels — a request your support could help fulfill. 

We are continually expanding our mission of artist support —this year LVA launched the Mural Art Program (MAP) in partnership with Center for Neighborhoods. MAP is a long term, sustainable public art program that engages local businesses, professional artists, Louisville Metro, and the greater Louisville community in the creation of large scale murals to celebrate our city's unique identity and enhance civic pride. LVA and CFN share the desire to empower diverse community voices while enhancing Louisville's public spaces through the visual arts and MAP is a natural way to do just that! LVA has continued its partnership with Kroger to commission seven murals with $80,750 going directly back to local artists in 2016 alone.

Artebella has recently undergone a rebrand— the once daily email was updated to better represent visual artists in Louisville and the surrounding area. Drawing on feedback from artists and arts professionals within the community, LVA staff developed a revised blog format and schedule for the four-year- old online program that has been met with enthusiasm from artists and arts leaders alike.

Each year Open Studio Weekend invites the public directly into artist’s spaces and connects artists with new advocates and patrons. Additionally, a weekly Artist Opportunities newsletter, including calls for artists, workshops, and events continues and grows our commitment to artists support by reaching over 4,000 artists each week.

Our efforts are directly shaping Louisville’s creative future and we are establishing ourselves as a hub to engage, inspire and improve our community and our city.  Help us nurture our next generation of leaders to be creative problem solvers making your tax-deductible contribution today or becoming a member!