Open Studio Weekend - Artist Info Page

One weekend each year artists from all over Louisville open their doors for Open Studio Weekend! This event is a wonderful opportunity for artists who are interested in having community members, from enthusiasts to collectors, visit their studio. This year, Open Studio Weekend is November 5th & 6th, 2016. Please refer to our FAQ page to learn more about the weekend and registration process! 

Register your studio now for Open Studio Weekend 2016!

"For Art Sanctuary, Open Studio Weekend is a time to bond with fellow artists, get the studios organized, and take stock in what we've been up to for the past year. Many artists did a final push the month before the tour so having that deadline can be a really good motivator. And it gives artists a chance to talk about their work - what their goals are, what their process is, where they've come from and where they're going. The folks that come through are genuinely interested in how the magic happens, so to speak. And we had some movers and shakers come through so good connections can be made that weekend.
It's also a time to mark Art Sanctuary's progress as an organization: In 2014 we had only a couple artists participating; in 2015 we had nearly a dozen. We each have our own things going on, but it's nice to come together as a community of independent artists and be a part of a larger thing - inside our organization as well as inside LVA. Strength in numbers, camaraderie, a sense of belonging - having that support system is vital." - Brittany Baker, Art Sanctuary