Fiscal Agency Program Participants

Louisville Outskirts Festival

"The Louisville Outskirts Festival is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run weekend of musical performances, educational workshops, and community building. The festival seeks to encourage, support, inspire, and highlight the music made by women* of Louisville’s independent music scene as well as showcase influential and inspiring musicians selected from other parts of the country and world.

*Note: When we talk about women, that includes trans women. We seek to challenge gender inequality by creating a movement and community that’s relevant to women, LGBTQ-identified people, and anyone who feels excluded from mainstream norms. We want collaboration, inspiration and community!"

Butterfly Trees by Kay Milam
“The Butterfly Trees will capture the majesty and dimension of the continents-wide and ancient story of the monarch butterfly, and bring sharp focus to the complexities of modern threats to its habitat, and thus to the very existence of this endangered migratory phenomenon… This one-hour broadcast television documentary, shot in Hi-Definition video, will feature rare imagery of Monarchs in winter retreat, stunning migration scenes, and footage featuring the numerous individuals and programs dedicated to preserving the Monarch habitat. The heart of the story lies in the intersection of the politics, economics, and the environmental policies that surround this amazing creature and its heroic journey…”

Carbon Nation by Peter Byck
“Our documentary is the story of the people behind the grass roots movement, behind the businesses, behind the policy, behind the hope and struggle to solve humanity’s toughest challenge. We will explore the campaign to solve global warming through the eyes of the lone activist (the Lieutenants), the green CEOS (the Colonels) and the mayors and governors (the Generals) while we observe the hunt for the Commander In Chief to lead the U.S. and the world toward creating renewable, clean, sustainable energy. We hope to show there is reason for optimism and that preventing unfettered global warming may be both cheaper than people fear and an engine for economic growth: the kind of technological and financial challenge that Americans love to tackle.”

Other Fiscal Agents

  • Cameron Lawrence, Down to Earth Productions
  • Larry Magnes, Kentucky’s Jewish Heritage
  • Amber Riddington, Song on the Dixie Bee Line
  • Tom Thurman, FBN Motion Pictures