Artebella's Call To Artists

Louisville Visual Art has recently launched an updated version of Artebella. The once daily email has been rebranded to reflect a new vision of representing visual artists in Louisville and the surrounding area. Drawing on feedback from artists and arts professionals within the community, LVA staff has developed a revised blog format and schedule for the four-year-old online program that provides a fresh delivery system for Artebella material.

The purpose of re­branding Artebella is to bring it in line with the recent re­branding of Louisville Visual Art, to provide a more effective & informative service, to create a cleaner and more flexible interface, and to reinforce and further develop the Artebella brand within the artist’s community at large.

The new format incorporates; a briefer Q&A: an artist answering a series of questions about their artwork and career (including featured artworks, studio shots, and a portrait of the artist); and Vignettes: similar to the previous Artebella Daily format, which will include two to five featured artworks and text of 300-400 words about the artist and the featured work; and Your submission allows you to be considered right away for either of these two formats.

Artebella will still invite curators to write special material utilizing any or all of these formats, and the increased flexibility will allow for Picture Galleries, photo essays that document events, happenings and exhibit openings. If you are a curator interested in writing for Artebella, please contact Keith Waits.

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Does not need to be an official website, but atleast some sort of online gallery displaying examples of your work.
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If so, what is the gallery's name and do any sales have to go through them?
Please be specific in citing degrees.