Our Louisville in collaboration with Walden Theater and Kentucky Shakespeare provided an opportunity for students of Parkhill, Shelby Park and Southwick Community Centers with an engaging, interdisciplinary program that helped young people find their voices

During the seven-week Our Louisville program, students worked with theatre and visual artists to create original plays and artwork that explore their perspectives on the community in which they live—along the way envisioning how that community could change for the better.

The residency involved 7 sessions; students age 5-13 participating in drama, movement, and visual arts.  Artists Ehren Reed, Annette Cable and Emeran Irby worked with participants to create a piece of art that represented their community, both the positive and the negative and how positive change is possible within our city.

The works of art served as a backdrop for the final performance in Central Park.  The Banners from all three community centers are now on display in the Mayor’s office in Metro Hall.